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Our Way to H.O.P.E. was founded in December 2015 to provide assistance to battered women. We know first-hand the struggles and obstacles thousands of people face in the city of Paterson and we are committed to do anything we can to mediate those concerns. Our first Christmas program in 2015 was able to feed over 120 people and we were able to donate bags of clothes and gifts to all those who attended. The joy and excitement during our Christmas event inspired us to continue our work and establish an organization which strives to assist the most vulnerable among us. 
We, at Our Way to H.O.P.E., are dedicated to the people of Paterson, Elmwood Park and, as a result of the success of our Christmas event, plan to hold events more frequently. Our programs for 2016 were as follows:
August – Back to School Drive
November – Thanksgiving Baskets Giveaway
December – Annual Christmas Celebration
Our goal here at Our Way to Hope is to assist and ensure that no Patersonian and Elmwood Park resident feels neglected or defeated. We, along with the support of all our volunteers, hope to foster considerable change within our vast, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and wonderful community of Paterson and Elmwood Park. If you would like to assist in our cause, please feel free to contact us. 
Thank you for your time and support.


Karen Pena

Latest Event

The organization held its first Christmas dinner in 2015 to feed the domestic violence victims in Paterson. It was the most generous act of kindness we have ever done in one night. But it wouldn't have been such a success without the families participation. We believe everyone in the room felt the vibe and the unity even though the people were all strangers but for that night we were united. We definitely had the Christmas spirit with the good music and delicious food. .

Now we are in our 5th year and a smile still comes across our faces when we talk about that special day.

Team Meeting
back to school
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